The new Legality Whistleblowing App: compliance and security as priorities

DigitalPA launches the mobile App for whistleblowing management, an additional reporting channel that includes also sending voice reports. The App completes the Legality Whistleblowing solution in full compliance with the EU Directive and other relevant regulations, including the new standards of accessibility and security.

Voice reports are an important innovation in the field of whistleblowing management as they make the software compliant with Article 12 of EU Directive 2019/1937 which, talking about external reporting channels, requires that:

“The external reporting channels shall enable reporting in writing and orally. Oral reporting shall be possible by telephone or through other voice messaging systems and, upon request by the reporting person, by means of a physical meeting within a reasonable timeframe.”

Voice reporting allows avoiding the usage of hotlines, answering machines, or call centers, which involve procedures demanding in terms of time and cost, and, most importantly, critical in terms of information confidentiality. Relying on tools outside the software may be insecure and disrespectful of the confidentiality of the reporter’s identity, leading to data leakage.

software reporting app and voice recording

At the moment, the EU Directive is still in the process of being transposed into the law of each EU member state, but DigitalPA speeds up the process and has already adapted its solution to the European legislation:

“At DigitalPA we are constantly working to offer our Customers state-of-the-art tools. The deep knowledge of the legislation and the fields of action allow the development of applications that even anticipate the standard, ensuring constant compliance to companies and administrations that choose to rely on us,” says Product Manager Stefano Orrù, who works daily to offer compliant and efficient software to important public companies such as Fincantieri, ATAC Rome, and equally important private companies such as Toyota, Reale Mutua, to name a few.

The international nature of the application and the expertise acquired in the compliance software industry, has led to the natural evolution of the application which is now available in over 10 languages, and to the possibility of activating it in Multi-entity mode, available for groups of companies with different Reporting Managers.

The Legality Whistleblowing is an integrated Web and App solution, fully compliant with the EU Directive

The Whistleblowing application now becomes multi-channel. The secure, accessible and fully compliant whistleblowing system assures:

  • Protection of the whistleblower and provision of suitable verification paths to guarantee his/her privacy.

  • Provision of different reporting channels (including voice messaging – in compliance with the EU Directive)

  • Compliance with accessibility and security standards.

The mobile application has been developed to streamline the reporting process as required by law and allow employees, suppliers, and collaborators to send reports of irregularities (including voice reports) to any organization that has activated the software Legality Whistleblowing.

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In addition to the release of the App, the new version of Whistleblowing includes important updates to protect the confidentiality of whistleblowers:

  • The further strengthening of security and encryption protocols.

  • The introduction of the two-factor authentication system for the Web platform.

  • The introduction of login to the App with biometric credentials.

Compliance with regulatory directives and advanced security protocols make the organization, which adopts the web platform and its mobile App, compliant to obtaining ISO 37001, ISO 37002, and ISO 37301 certifications, dedicated respectively to Anti-Corruption, Whistleblowing, and Compliance.

Certifications are useful tools especially in the corporate environment to grow business opportunities, generate more trust from partners and customers and demonstrate the company’s commitment to employees and compliance risk management.

The system fits organizations of all sizes and all needs, whether corporate or public.