Whistleblowing.software  is the reference software for




It allows the regulation of the procedures for increasing and protecting the report of wrongdoing. It is a valuable tool  that enables the Public and Private sector employers to confidentially report any wrongdoing.


In full compliance with privacy, the whistleblower and the manager can enter their private area through an administrative software, accessible from any device.

The Whistleblowing platform has been developed to meet the highest security and secrecy requirements, key features in the whistleblowing procedure. Indeed, access logs and data are managed in strict compliance with the regulatory framework and the whole procedure is certified by the most rigorous standards of the ISO / IEC 27001 (information management system) that guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of the processed data.

Thanks to its tracking, validation and privacy procedures, the software is, actually, the only alternative to protect especially the supervisors from possible fines.


Main features:

  • Configured either for Companies, or Public Authorities
  • A management platform thought for Managers and Employers
  • Available in Saas;
  • Multilanguage;
  • Smart Card login;
  • Accessible on Internet;
  • Access regulated in accordance with the privacy policy (password complexity and change);
  • Clear distinction between the registration process and the reporting process, for a correct separation of data to protect and the whistleblower’s identity;
  • Customization of contents, office circulars and administration policies;
  • Possibility to manage reports of registered and unregistered users (at the client’s own discretion);
  • Management and computerization of paperwork;
  • Complete statistics and system logs that track all the operations performed on the platform;
  • High-level SLA (Service Level Agreement) with maximum service reachability;

The Whistleblower can:

  • Safely and confidentially access the system;
  • Submit a report following an intuitive and easy procedure;
  • Communicate with the Anti-Corruption Supervisor in a totally confidential way, as per regulations;
  • Integrate the submitted reports;

The anti-corruption supervisor can:

  • Receive an e-mail notification whenever a report is submitted on the system;
  • Access a private area and view the reports received;
  • Open a dossier, interact with the whistleblower and request further information or documents, always preserving their identity;
  • Supervise and manage the whole procedure and any preliminary investigation through all its phases, with the management of the report status;
  • Interact with the managing directors;
  • Communicate with all the employees with newsletters;