choosing a whistleblowing software

Whistleblowing: 3 good reasons to choose a secure software, fully aligned with regulations

Companies or Public Administrations needing to adopt an online tool for the management of offenses reports may be confused by the offer that the current software landscape provides. However, not all software know how to respond to real needs, nor they can ensure constant regulatory alignment, application security, and usability. Moreover, due to the complexity of the matter, getting the software might be just a step of a more complex need to receive a 360° consultancy and support service (possibly from the same company which developed the software).

What are then the crucial features that a Whistleblowing software should have to meet these stringent needs? We have identified three excellent reasons for choosing the Legality –
In addition to the strictest organizational and compliance requirements, the software offers:
  1. A solid IT system capable of rationalizing the management of reports and reporting cases: through the facilitated and guided management of the reports and the investigation process that follows, the timing and the possibility of error are reduced. Specifically, using a simple and automated case assignment system, managers are assigned reports based on their type and can also interact with third parties.
  2. A reporting system capable of guaranteeing security and secrecy of information: thanks to the use of an exclusively dedicated infrastructure and the application of asymmetric encryption on contents and attached files, the most inflexible needs in terms of security and confidentiality are met. Access and data management is not only run in compliance with the regulatory framework but is also certified by rigorous standards like ISO / IEC 27001 (Information Management System) which guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of the data processed. No data can be shared with third parties, and only the whistleblower is aware of the encrypted key to access the information.
  3. The reduction of the barriers to reporting thanks to the guarantee of anonymity of the whistleblower: deciding to report an offense is not a simple process, which the whistleblower can do light-heartedly. What is key here is adopting software that does not generate difficulties and is capable of encouraging complaints starting from the guarantee of anonymity throughout the process: the aim is to guide the whistleblower in the various steps, making it clear that whoever receives the report has the will to listen.
Legality Whistleblowing, developed by DigitalPA, a company expert in providing also consultancy services, is therefore configured as a high-performance software, enhanced by several elements:
  • Service available in S.a.a.S (Software as a Service) mode which allows unlimited multi-device and web accessibility, as well as saving time.

  • Highly qualified technical assistance included, with a support team focused on providing efficient service.

  • Complete start-up and turnkey delivery, including infrastructure management.

  • Training for the correct use of the application, with constantly updated manuals and video guides.

  • Regulations Compliance thanks to the alignment with the EU Directive 1937/201, with the GDPR directive and with the relevant national regulations, also and above all to avoid problems and penalties.

  • Full alignment with recognized criteria of organizational compliance and management of offenses, such as the ISO 37301 (formerly 19600) and ISO 37001 standards and therefore compliant with obtaining the relevant certifications by the company or body that adopts it.

  • Multilingual and custom content, among which informative documents and privacy policy.

We wanted to guide you through the main features of the Whistleblowing Reporting software to explain how it is not enough to have a reporting system. The software must also be easy to use, efficient, secure, anonymous, and compliant with ticket management, protecting companies and entities, but above all the reporting party.

Legality – Whistleblowing is a top-notch and compliant whistleblowing software developed by DigitalPA thanks to years of experience developing applications in the sector.

The software has the advantage of being constantly updated with the latest regulations both at national and European level. Any organization, either public or private, will be able to demonstrate their employees and collaborators commitment to transparency and respect for the rules thanks to a tool able to totally respects the privacy of the whistleblower.

If you want to discover more about the software for the management of whistleblowing reports, request a custom demo with one of our consultants.