App Store Policy

Legality Whistleblowing is an application for the management of the Whistleblowing process both by public entities and businesses (Organizations). The App has been designed and developed by DigitalPA S.r.l. based in via S. Tommaso d’Aquino 18 / A, 09134 Cagliari.

Legality Whistleblowing allows users (Whistleblowers) to report wrongdoings to the Organization Whistleblowing Manager, with whom they have a working relationship.

When installing, the Application does not require any registration but only associates a unique ID with each device, to uniquely recognize it and allow the user to use the requested service. This ID does not allow the identification of the user and just installing the App does not involve any personal data processing.

The Application may request optional access to the photo gallery, to the microphone and to use biometric credentials. Also, in this case, using these does not involve any personal data processing by DigitalPA S.r.l. as these are local settings of the user’s device.

Once connected to the Organization, the Legality Whistleblowing application is subject to the Privacy Policy of the Organization offering the service, which acts as the Data Controller and to which this policy refers to.