Anonymity, where provided, and the extreme protection of the confidentiality of the whistleblower of offenses and irregularities are at the heart of the national legislation as well as of the EU Directive. This legislation is applicable both in the public and in the private sector in all member states of the European Union.

DigitalPA is committed to applying industry best practices and translating these regulatory requirements into an excellent IT tool that guarantees maximum security and total confidentiality of data and privacy. In fact, our whistleblowing management system:

  • Allows both anonymous and confidential reports.
  • Offers an encryption system both in the transmission of data and in their conservation and, when included, the name of the reporting party is separated from the report.
  • Is supported by a certified and secure infrastructure consisting of dedicated DigitalPA servers that ensure maximum data protection and security levels thanks to the ISO IEC 27001/2017 certifications obtained with a maximum rating (Tier IV).
  • Allows you to manage the identity of the whistleblower and access to the platform in a way fully compliant with the GDPR Regulation.

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