The main reference legislation for the regulation of wrongdoing reporting at the European level is the EU Directive no. 1937 of 23 October 2019 which establishes new rules to protect whistleblowers who reveal violations of Community law in sectors such as public procurement, financial services, money laundering, product, and transport safety, nuclear safety, public health, consumer and data protection.

The Directive requires all companies with more than 50 employees or an annual turnover of more than 10 million euros to establish safe internal channels for reporting offenses. All states, regional administrations, and municipalities with more than 10 thousand inhabitants are included in the new obligation.

By adopting Legality Whistleblowing, your organization guarantees a fully compliant IT system that complies with any regulatory update within 30 days of the publication of the standard.

Learn more by consulting the page dedicated to the Regulations, or contact a consultant to find out in detail which regulations apply in the countries where your organization operates.