A specific list of offences or irregularities that can be the subject of whistleblowing does not exist. Relevant reports are those  concernernig behaviors, risks, offences or irregularities to the detriment of the public interest. Whistleblowing does not deal with the whistleblower’s personal complaints, usually handled with other kind of procedures.

In particular the report can be related to actions or omissions, committed or attempted:

  • criminally relevant;
  • made in violation of the Code of conduct or other company regulation and that may be subject to disciplinary measures;;
  • likely to cause financial harm to the administration or to any other public authority;
  • likely to ruin the reputation of the institution;
  • likely to be detrimental to the health or safety of employees, users and citizens or to demage the environment;
  • harm users or employees or any other person who perform their activities at the institution.