Illicit conduct subject to whistleblowing legislation includes all those irregular, illegal, or potentially harmful behaviors for the organization or the community.

In the case of Public Entities, there are a variety of crimes against the entity itself and the community and also includes various types of abuses and irregularities compromising the proper functioning of the organization, such as waste, false declarations, accounting irregularities, etc.

In the case of companies, illicit is any misconduct and unethical behaviour that violates the law and infringes either the principle of impartiality or company regulations, including cases of corruption, fraud, and situations harmful to collective health and safety or that generate any damage to third parties.

Such conduct is therefore different from any unlawful conduct harmful to the personal interest of the individual employee or collaborator.

Anyone reporting unlawful facts detected during work shows an ethically correct involvement and is invited to provide as many details as possible of the reported facts, reporting precise information on the times and places in which the fact occurred and providing useful elements for identifying the perpetrator of the facts reported.

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