No, voice reporting is only managed internally on the platform or mobile App. The use of external tools such as telephone hotlines and call centers is absolutely not up to regulatory standards. External tools are deprecated from the point of view of security and regulatory compliance of the application, as they do not guarantee secrecy and can cause possible data leaks, undermining the legal value of the report.

Furthermore, mediated reporting does not respect the integrity parameters requested by law.

The use of the telephone is outdated for different reasons related to confidentiality, management costs, and the quality of the service. Only if the report is made directly to those who have to manage it within the organization, compliance, confidentiality, privacy, and above all the quality of the service can be guaranteed.

In fact, only when the manager directly receives the report can be assured extreme care and quality in the management of each case, something that a call center, even if specialized, cannot match.