DigitalPA supports organizations and companies in the whistleblowing system setup phase: the cases management workflow is very simple and immediate thanks to the setting of different automatisms, including the automatic assignment of reports to specific managers.

Following the receipt of the reports, the managers must begin an investigation phase on the reported facts, and the system must allow the initiation of two-way communication with the whistleblowers, who may be invited to provide clarifications or further information and who can be updated about the progress of the status of the report.

Access to reports and sensitive data of the whistleblower, when provided, must be protected by specific permissions and by a secure infrastructure that allows effective communication avoiding any information leakage, respects anonymity and confidentiality. Everything is in total compliance with the law, which requires reports to be managed keeping separated the report archive and the dossier of whistleblower information. Exactly as it happens in Legality Whistleblowing.

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