The Web platform and App Legality Whistleblowing include all the functionalities useful to manage any case of wrongdoing reporting in a compliant and secure way.

Specifically, on the reporting side it is possible to configure:

  • Unlimited reporting users (employees and/or stakeholders)
  • Anonymous or registered reports (at the client’s convenience)
  • Written reports
  • Voice reports (in line with the EU Directive 1937/2019)
  • Unlimited types and configurable reporting forms

Looking at the reports management by the organization, on the other hand, different features and configurations are available:

  • Unlimited reporting recipients
  • Segregation of Duties (Manager, Collaborator, Third parties)
  • Automatic assignment to the appropriate, predefined manager for that type of report
  • Deadline calendar, notifications
  • Single Sign-ON upon request
  • Multi-company upon request
  • Customization of the platform (graphics and management flows)
  • Services and Assistance
  • Statistics and advanced reporting

To fully ensure compliance and avoid any potential fine or amend, technical and law updates are always included in the fee.

Legality Whistleblowing is a SaaS software and does not require programming or installation on the servers of the organization. The installation of the application on the customer’s internal servers does not guarantee the confidentiality of the reports as the internal IT services may have access to the information, exposing data to vulnerabilities.

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