Price and Licence policy

The whistlebowing software is not subject to licensing fees.

Costs are related to infrastructure assistance and management services:

The costs of first activation include:

Installation activities and custom configuration, first user profiling, specialized training.

Services subject to periodic fee:

Include costs related to maintenance, technology updates, specialised Help Desk, server infrastructure and security monitoring (managed hosting)

* The service is offered with a highly customized fee, depending on company or public authority size and number of employees managed.


Service delivery mode:

  • SaaS – Software as a Service

It is the main and recommended mode of service delivery. Through the SaaS are guarantees: maximum system security, software security updates and the efficiency of the dedicated Help Desk.

However, it is possible to install the application in the Customer’s server structure if it meets the minimum requirements that will be evaluated after the request.
The installation, in the customer’s servers,  implies additional costs.